Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday - Teenage Drivers

Or to be more specific - MY teenage driver!

Younger son finally decided to get serious about getting his driver's license, so we went up to the Division of Motor Vehicles this afternoon. We filled out the form for his learner's permit, got his photo taken, had his IDs scrutinized, paid the fee...

The lady never asked, are you ready for your baby to start driving yet? Or, do you find the whole idea of this little kid driving awfully scary? (Keep in mind that this little kid is just under 6'3") Nope, she just said "Sign here showing you take responsibility for him as a minor."

Well I have done for 16 years so far, might as well keep on taking responsibility for a couple more years!

I'm so pleased that, along with being anxious to be able to get out and drive on his own, my son understands the responsibilities that come with driving. He knows it is a privilege, and something he can't ever take for granted for safety's sake. He also registered to be an organ donor.

It's a good start!

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