Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping in Vernal

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We spent some of it camping in Vernal, Utah.  It was a nice weekend for it, with warm but not hot temperatures and mostly overcast skies.  Great hiking weather!  One of our hikes was out to Harpers Corner, overlooking the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers.  There is some very beautiful country out there!
The fam at the corner

We also checked out lots of very cool petroglyphs and pictographs, a few more scenic canyons, and a historic cabin.  All in all a nice trip.  We came back early Sunday evening, as we knew the weather was supposed to get pretty bad.  And it did - it snowed on us most of the way back!  Not that I mind snow on May 30th - okay, I lied!  I do mind! - but at least we woke to it on the grass in the yard, not on the tent!

All in all, an enjoyable weekend.  I do hope yours was too.  And, please remember.  Memorial Day might be set aside as the day to remember our servicemen and women, but it's never the wrong time to thank them for all they  do.

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