Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday was Terrific!

I know I'm getting older because it takes me two days to recover from staying up very very late (in fact - early!) for a concert.  But, believe me, U2 360 was totally worth it!

We got tickets for the whole family well over a year ago.  We checked the calendar for the date - June 2, 2010 - and it looked free so we went for it!  As the date slowly drew closer we got more and more excited.  Then older son's high school put out their spring calendar.  Guess what night graduation was scheduled for?

With heavy hearts, we decided our oldest would only be graduating from high school once, so we started to look for takers for our tickets.  Even *he* thought long and hard before deciding which he would rather do!  But negotiations started with my sweet cousin, who was almost as excited as we were disappointed!

And then the last leg of U2's concert got postponed for about a year!  No conflicts any more!  Wonderful for us!  Not so wonderful for my cousin.  Bono had, as he put it, his spine replaced.  And let me tell you, he's not just fixed.  He's BETTER!

So the four of us went to a wonderful concert last Tuesday.  The Fray opened, and were quite enjoyable.  But it was definitely U2 that rocked Salt Lake City!  They were on stage for over two hours, played 25 songs, plus led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan, who turned 70 day before yesterday.  Bono told everyone with cellphones to go post it on youtube :D

And Bono thanked the crowd many times for their patience.  No problem, Bono.  It was worth the wait.

Just goes to show you, sometimes things don't work out.  Sometimes they do.

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